Kotobukiya Batman Arkham Knight ArtFX+ Statue by Arkham Knight

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Batman Arkham Knight ArtFX+ Statue

  Arkham Knight leads the charge against Batman! Stands 10-inches tall. Modular buildable background for customizing display!;Arkham Knight is a mysterious character who only wants to make Batman suffer in the Batman: Arkham Knight video game. The Arkham Knight ArtFX+ Statue features Arkham Knight in his unique costume with a camouflaged bodysuit, armored extremities, a low-slung utility belt, the Arkham A symbol on his chest, and Batman-inspired helmet with pointed ears.;Arkham Knight stands about 10-inches tall. The 1:10 scale statue captures Arkham Knight barreling forward towards his sworn enemy, one arm up to bash through any resistance and the other holding out a pistol at the ready!;The Batman Arkham Knight ArtFX+ Statue also features a modular base system that lets you customize your display with a wide range of options. Display Arkham Knight rushing over rooftops, breaking through a wall, or tackling Batman! With multiple square and rectangular pieces plus a broken window, metal grate, and joint parts, this set is all about building your own diorama base.;You can craft your own unique display by combining Batman's architectural elements with those of his arch-rival Batman sold separately) and show off the 2 fighting in a rich and complex Gotham City Environment! Lastly, as a special bonus every bullet hole in the walls of the diorama is approximately 4 mm in diameter so it can also display Frame Arms model kits or Modeling support goods (sold separately).