Beast Kingdom D*Stage 100 Disney UP Diorama

Beast kingdom


Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ is proud to present a selection of D-Stage, ‘Staging Your Dreams’ dioramas from the magical world of Disney and Pixar!
Three of some of the most celebrated animated classics are brought to life in snapshots from famous scenes. Aladdin, Lion King, and Pixar’s UP are all represented in their animated glory.
Come on a journey of wonder with the classic characters, cherished by adults and children alike, and take home a magical trio of friends you know and adore. 

Pixar animations 10th studio film UP took fans across a journey of discovery, innocence, and a longing for the past. A touching story of Carl, a man in his twilight years trying to realize his lifelong dream of travel for his departed wife, and Russell a, young boy who gets entangled in this fantastical journey in the skies.

Joining them are Dug, the wacky dog, and a host of memorable characters that show with a little friendship and care anything is possible, even soaring to the skies in one’s home!

In the Beast Kingdom, D-Stage-100, the miraculous flying house is recreated in all its balloon glory. Soar above the skies, with Carl, Dug, Russell, and even the crazy bird Kevin as they seek a new place for Carl’s home. Perching on top of an actual cloud Carl’s house is hoisted by hundreds of balloons all recreated in the diorama.
Using the very best in manufacturing and painting techniques, the UP diorama is a throwback to one of Pixar’s most heartwarming stories.