Funko POP! Gigantomachia Vinyl Figure Special Series


$19.99 $29.99


The EPIC Anime My Hero Academia is here with a whole new wave of powerful Pops! These Pops! Come from an anime where most of the population has superpowers that they call “Quirks” and because of the superhuman abilities, there’s Villains rose! In order to fight the bad guys, Heroes are trained to come to the call!

Here from the League of Villains comes this Pop! Of Gigantomachia. He’s one of the faithful servants to All For One and has a unique quirk of essentially “too much HP” making him extremely difficult to defeat! He also boasts to having extreme strength, speed, and staminia!

This Pop! Is a must have for fans of this ultra-popular anime! PLUS ULTRA!

This My Hero Academia Gigantomachia Funko Super Pop! Vinyl will come in a window display box and measures approximately 6" inches.