Beast Kingdom Suicide Squad King Shark DAH-035 Deluxe Action Figure

Beast kingdom


Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ is back with a new DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes), the King Shark Nanaue DAH action figure. A detailed, yet sturdy figure is accompanied by a pair of Nanaue’s favorite shorts, made of real fabric. The shark with a heart of gold also includes a set of replaceable hands as well as two head sculpts, including one with a hungry, open mouth, and not forgetting his many famous accessories such as his favorite stafish, peace bomb and more. Collectors are also able to pose King Shark in a number of different ways, with 12 points of articulation making Nanaue nimble and up for any task The Suicide Squad give him. This is a set for fans of the most adorable shark in superhero history, so make sure yours is ordered from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today!

Special Features:

  • Dedicated DAH designed King Shark Nanaue, with around 12 points of articulation 
  • Two (2) replacement head sculpts (Regular, open mouth)
  • Two (2) types of replacement hands (Opened, gripping)  
  • Accessories: 1 book, 1 peace messenger bomb, 1 starfish, 6 ferocious sea monster
  • Shorts made of real fabric