Iron Studios MiniCo. The Infinity Saga “Doctor Strange” Figure

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Emerging from an open dimensional portal through his access ring, Marvel´s Sorcerer Supreme appears floating with his levitation cloak. With mystical gestures, he brings out mandalas of light with small sigils and runes containing the powers of his charms.

With his eyes focused and his greatest power artifact, the Eye of Agamotto, Doctor Strange is ready to take on Thanos and his evil plans. Doctor Strange is another of Marvel’s great heroes who gets a stylized representation in Iron Studios’ Mini Co. line!

This figure features Marvel’s most beloved sorcerer, played in theaters by charismatic British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, adding his mystical strength to Iron Studios’ Toy Art collection, uniting Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and other Avengers in the Infinity Saga collection.

Product Features

  • 6.6 inches (16.76)
  • Made of plastic
  • From the Avengers: Engame movie
  • Stylized design
  • Hand painted
  • Stylized pictures shown (Eye of Agamotto does not light up or contain Time Stone)

Box Contents

  • Doctor Strange figure