Marvel Bowen Quicksilver Green Costume Mini-Bust



Quicksilver sprinted into the Marvel Universe in March 1964's X-Men #4.  Mutant siblings Pietro and Wanda Maximoff were raised by gypsies in the European country of Transia.  As the super-fast Quicksilver, Pietro and his sister, the Scarlet Witch, were recruited into the ranks of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, sworn enemies of the X-Men.  Soon they renounced the Brotherhood and joined the Avengers, a decision made bittersweet when they discovered that Magneto was their birth father.

As quick-tempered as he is fleet-footed, Quicksilver's impetuousness made him a target for the malevolent Maximus the Mad's mind control: Pietro at one time was manipulated into battle against the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.  Over time he redeemed himself, and Quicksilver has raced back into action with the Avengers on many occasions.  He is married to Crystal, a member of the synthetically constructed race known as the Inhumans.

Sculpted by Joy Snyder, this mini-bust stands over 6" high and is fully painted and ready to display.  Strictly limited to only 1,000 worldwide, you are purchasing #0068.  The bust is in excellent condition and box and foam insert are in factory condition as well.  Don't miss the opportunity to add this highly collectible item to your Bowen Marvel collection!

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