McFarlane Toys Batman Classic TV Series Robin w/Oxygen Mask Action Figure

McFarlane Toys




Brand: DC Retro

Genre: Movies & TV

Product Type: Action Figure

Series: Available Now



“Holy Boy Wonder, Batman!” How lucky can orphan Dick Grayson get? He gets taken in by the wealthiest man in Gotham City, who just happens to be Batman™. He gets to live in a mansion complete with cave, gets to kick villain butt, and cruises around in the world’s coolest car.

Product Features:

  • Figure is featured with an Oxygen Mask, and is based on the classic 1960’s TV show
  • Designed with articulation for posing and play
  • Robin includes Batarang and Batradio
  • Packaged in a card backed blister with the iconic old school look of the 1960’s Batman series
  • Collect all McFarlane Toys DC Retro Figures