Mego “Mummy” Mego Horror



Mego is proud to present The World’s Greatest Mego Monsters The Mummy action figure - officially licensed from Universal Studios! The mysterious scrolls of Mego have brought The Mummy back to life in the Classic Mego 8” style!

Ancient Eygptian Prince Imhotep buried alive has risen from his tomb in search of his lost love! Who will stand in the way of Ardath Bey? Will The Mummy find his reincarnated princess?? “Have we not met before, Miss Grosvenor?”

Traveling through the sands of the Megoverse The Mummy has returned with the new 8” classically styled Mego action figure! The Mummy is outfitted with screen accurate details and sculpting as seen in the 1932 film. Do you dare read the Scroll of Thoth aloud??