The Loyal Subjects Spider-Man Marvel Superama Collector Series

The Loyal Subjects


Peter Parker became Spider-Man by accident – he was bitten by a radioactive spider during a science field trip! He gained superhuman strength, super-agility, the ability to stick to walls, his amazing, danger detecting “spider-sense” …and the realization that with great power must come great responsibility.  Ever since, spidey has used his powers to bring hundreds of criminals, from the most common car thieves to the most sinister Super Villains, to justice.

  • Limited Edition, Super-Hero dynamic dioramic mashup! Infusing comic styled environments with your favorite fully posed Marvel character!
  • Features Spider-Man throwing webs and swinging his way through the NYC skyline
  • Full display specs are over 4-inches tall, fun sculpt details, and crisp deco
  • Backboard images are swappable/interchangeable for each diorama
  • Showcased in beautiful Marvel branded four-sided window box display packaging
  • Collect all The Loyal Subjects Marvel Superama Dioramas! Black Panther, Groot, Hulk, Venom and Carnage! Sold Separately.