Super7 Thundercats Cheetara (Toy Version) Ultimate Action Figure



Fair warning: Cheetara is back in full retro glory, so you better be as quick as she is if you don’t want the fastest ThunderCat to pass you by!

This 7” scale highly articulated ThunderCatsULTIMATES! figure of Cheetara is inspired by the vintage toy line and includes multiple interchangeable heads & hands and her staff.

Upgrade your childhood collection with the made-to-order Cheetara and the rest of the vintage toy-inspired wave of ThunderCatsULTIMATES!

The Cheetara (Toy Version) Action Figurefeatures:

  • Two (2) interchangeable heads:
    - One (1) Neutral head
    - One (1) Determined head
  • Eight (8) interchangeable hands:
    - Two (2) Expressive hands
    - Two (2) Gripping hands 
    - Two (2) Open hands 
    - Two (2) Fist hands
  • One (1) Staff